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Banshuori is produced in the Kitaharima District that includes Nishiwaki City at its center. Currently, Banshuori's gross production amount per year is equivalent to three laps around the earth. Demand for Banshuori is growing year by year and it supports fashion for people not only of the nation but also around the world.

Banshuori, as implied by the name of yarn-dyed textile, is made by its specific production method wherein yarns are dyed in advance and patterns are woven by the dyed yarns. It has natural texture, good tint, abundant color, and a pleasant feeling, and hence draws a lot of attention as a textile which meets a wide range of needs from essential items for daily life such as one-piece dresses, shirts, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths to Marie brand goods and formal dresses.

FFurther, we pursue a business development which is composed of an integrated combination of distributor, dyeing, preparation, textile weaving, and finishing so that we can meet various needs quickly with updated technical innovation and conduct product planning and sales through our independence.

Production process of BANSHU-ORI

Production process

String dye/Woven cloth/Processing

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